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tseghesio 2019-07-15 09:09 PM

Flirting on the 80
Could not remember my old account here! Had 2 previous subis, an '04 and an '05. Couple years back, I know my '04 was spotted a few times, world rally blue with black wheels and chrome lips, on coils, fast and loud (how we like it). I sold both and moved on for a few years. I am back with a 2013 white hatch. I have Japanese letters on back window that say downshift, and a nameless banner reppin' for my exhaust. Wanted to pop in for a re-intro to meet some fellow subi enthusiasts, as I intend to build up this hatch like my last two. (sorry corey, no tuning on pyramid for me lol)

I see a few posts saying this club is kinda dead, and a few posts saying they still meet... what's the word on this?

Also, on a side note, I just got back from a family visit in Sacramento, and another subi enthusiast (dark grey impreza? guessing by the stocker tail pipe) with K&N sticker, Hoonigan sticker, other red stickers, big red burton sticker, red mud flaps and racks (maybe yakimha with the front windscreen covered in stickers; I believe was a female driving. Stoked! you were rippin' with me back to Reno! Was a fun drive, glad we traded leads the whole way back. If you are in this club shoot me a DM!

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